Car Guys vs. Bean Counters: The Battle for the Soul of American Business by Bob Lutz


The battle between people who believe only in the bottom line and those who prioritize creativity beyond all else has raged on for decades as businesses try to navigate their cutthroat world. Bob Lutz gives the reader a front row seat into the heart of this battle through the prism of the rise, fall and eventual second coming of GM motors. Lutz chronicles the golden age of GM Motors, the fascination with design and creativity, the invasion of the ‘bean counters’ and how an obsession with profits and figures brought a juggernaut of the automobile industry to its knees.

He also gives out industry and life lessons that are useful even beyond the world of automobiles. You will come away from Car Guys vs. Bean Counters with a new-found appreciation for creativity within the automobile industry and though there is some political commentary in there, if you’re there for the cars, you will definitely have loads of that. An excellent read if you aren’t generally into fiction but are still fascinated by cars and the business behind them.