CargoLoc Roof Top Aluminum Cross Bars


We kick off this list with this set from CargoLoc that appears, at least on the surface, to be a pretty simple design. What we have is a rack designed to be used on the kind of raised roof rails that are often found on SUVs and station wagons.

It simply clips onto the rail with the help of a very well-designed locking system. You simply place the bars where you want and then raise the tension with a simple little tool until you have the bar locked securely in place. They’ll stay there too, thanks to the built-in lock that secures the bar in place with the turn of a key, deterring any would-be thieves.

Look a little closer, and you can see that this item comes with some features that you may not expect given it’s lower mid-range price point. The best thing is the all aluminum construction, which give these bars strength (the load capacity is 150 pounds, not bad at all) and save weight – the 46-inch versions weighs a little under nine pounds, which is far less than the equivalent steel versions. They also have rounded edges and a low-profile design.