Carhartt Waterproof Insulated Glove


The appeal of this glove lies in three factors – the simplicity of the design, the blend of high quality materials used in the construction and the name on the label. Lets start with the latter then, and if you’ve ever heard of Carhartt before you would have come across them as a company with a well deserved reputation for producing high quality, winter outdoor wear geared toward practical designs.

This product has all the features you would expect from a company like them, and also frankly that you would expect to find in an example of the best winter gloves. The big standout is that material blend. We have a 100% polyester outer shell that is tough, durable and waterproof. The inner lining is 100% soft polyester for a comfortable but warm interior. Finally the palm has been reinforced with 100% polyurethane, which is very, very tough – perfect for gripping snowmobile handlebars all day.

They also have some impressive practical features onboard, such as the wicking lining that will help take sweat out of the glove as you wear them. That really can’t be underestimated, as sweat filled gloves will start to feel like crap after about, oh, 5 minutes of wear. They are also easy to pull on and easy to secure with a nice, big wrist mounted strap designed to hold the glove secure all day.