CarThree Ultra-Thin HD DVD Player


Portable car DVD players are usually favored by those with children; they’re easy to use, you just turn them on. However, headrest DVD players are easier in the long run, but most parents don’t want to take the time to install them (you have bigger fish to fry, like the terrible twos). CarThree made this model the answer to your prayers – it’s easy to install, simple to use.

This ultra-thin HD car DVD player withstands the wear and tear of your car life. Whether your kids throw their sippy cup at it or you bump into it when you’re reaching for your bag in the back seat, this will withstand it all. This kit includes the bracket, so no additional purchases for headrest-mounting is required. It also includes the plastic buckle, remote control, native game disk, car charger, and more.

Sync from your Apple or Android device, and you’re ready to go. This installation method means you won’t hear velcro tearing after a short stop, followed by the DVD player hitting the floor below. It’s as secure as anything else in your ride. 32-bit games come ready to entertain your passengers, and it comes with a wireless joystick (let’s all relive the days of Atari).