Cartman 14” Heavy Duty Universal Lug Wrench


Cartman is back with its third entry to the list. It is by far the most simple of its designs that we looked at, but it still packs the Cartman name as a badge of quality construction.

You can actually re-read the entry for the product above from EPAuto and simply replace its company name with Cartman. This is a short four-way lug wrench with a 14” span. So the same pros and cons apply here as with the product above. It is even a similar price.

The one big difference comes in its construction materials. This lug wrench is made of heat-treated carbon steel. We don’t need to tell you that this is a very tough material. Add in the chrome plating and you have a very simple but very strong and long-lasting tool that should give years of hassle-free service.