CARTMAN Roadside Assistance Auto Emergency Kit


Whilst this kit may share a name with the South Park character, the connection ends there so don’t expect to find a bag of Cheesy Poofs snacks inside.

What you will find is a kit that is somewhat basic (or even completely lacking) in some of the features you will find in other kits. There is, for example, no first aid kit at all, and there are no tools – screwdriver, wrench, multi-tool – to use for roadside repairs.

What you do have is a good quality towrope rated to pull around 4,500 pounds, plus jumper cables. So useful features to have in a standard breakdown, but there’s nothing in here to tackle anything more complex.

Safety features are decent, being a high visibility vest, reflective triangle and work gloves. This kit may be lacking in some items, but the ones it does have are pretty high quality.