Castle X Barrier 2 Hi-Viz Snowmobile Boot


Well, they state right there that they are Hi-Viz – and they certainly aren’t lying! These are a pair of snow boots that people will see you in from a long way away. Whilst that may be something that not everyone wants, it does add a useful element of safety. There’s also a lot more to recommend these boots than the styling.

The stand out feature is the insulation, or more accurately, the insulation material. It is a 3-layer blend of Marino wool. This all-natural material has incredible wicking properties, and will help to keep your feet dry (and warm) for extended periods of time.

Looking at the outer sections and there are some impressive features here too. For example the upper is 1000 denier Nylon with leather trim in strategic locations. The soles are molded and include a high abrasion toe. A simple but effective buckle and strap installation will both keep you feet secure whilst being easy to operate with cold, numb hands. A drawstring is the final cherry on top, allowing a close and secure fit designed to keep moisture out.