Cataclean Engine & Catalytic Converter Cleaner


First is this entry from Cataclean, and there are a number of indicators that it is a premium product. The product has been tested in independent labs that show it to reduce hydrocarbon emissions by up to 50 percent. This is good news if your vehicle has failed an emissions test. A few doses of this bad boy and you stand a much better chance of passing the follow-up test.

This product also has a wide range of engine type compatibility. That is not something you see too often and is good news for diesel and hybrid vehicle drivers. Catalytic converter cleaner for these vehicle types is few and far between, so if you drive a non-gasoline powered vehicle, take a good look at this product.

We’re also pleased that this product is formulated to clean out the deposits that are clogging your converter as well as help limit those deposits from building back up again. That’s the kind of long-term protection that is always good to see and signals a product that represents a solid, long-term investment.

You’re not getting all that goodness on the cheap though, with one 16-ounce bottle setting you back a few bucks. It is available as a two and five pack for a bit better value, however. It’s also unsuitable for two-stroke engines, so don’t put this in your ride-on mower.