CCS Logo Blank Skateboard Deck


The CSS Logo Blank Skateboard Deck is a blank longboard deck that is absolutely perfect for beginner skaters. This deck has everything that a new skater would love and appreciate. The edges of the deck are nicely sealed, and the nose and tail are of similar size which allows the skater to find their balance easier as they ride. Additionally, this deck is made from good quality Maplewood which allows it to not only be flexible, but also light and durable, so you can trust that you are investing in a strong skateboard deck.

The CSS deck features a concave design on the board that provides its rider with much needed control as the ride and perform tricks, and with its original skate deck shape, this board is perfect for cruising and working out those skate stunts. With a perfect blend of flex and stiffness, this board is just what you need to start out your journey as a skater. It comes in three different sizes; the mini, the cruiser and the standard skateboard decks, all of which are perfectly designed to suit riders of different builds, sizes and heights.