CDI Torque Products TorqControl TLA28NM Screwdriver


It is critical to apply the specified torque, for all applications that require torque. Poor performance is one of the results of improper tightening, as it causes issues such as component and joint failures. These failures may pose a threat to the safety and may be extremely expensive to repair. This is why the goal of every one must be to apply the right torque the first time. The CDI TorqControl Screwdriver is the best tool for such a job, as it makes the entire process of torquing simple for everyone. It has been designed by professionals to prevent the over-torquing of fasteners by using an easy to use cam-over clutch design.

It features an ergonomically designed positive grip L-shaped handle, six hex bits of varies lengths, a quarter hex magnetic bit shank. It is the best tool for low-torque applications such as firearms, performance bicycles, machine carbide inserts and electronic assemblies.

Performance Tool is a brand known globally as the largest supplier of torque tools manufactured with high industrial quality. This company pays attention to accuracy, precision, and force and tension calibration systems.