Centric Premium Brake Rotor


This is not a basic model by any stretch of the imagination, but it is quite clearly not a complete brake kit either. You should take note therefore that this product is sold as a solitary disc – not even a pair – and does not come with any pads. It should also be noted that it for the front axel brake system.

So now we know what it’s not, lets look at what it is – and it is a pretty premium product. It has been machine finished for smoother operation during braking – that clean surface is also designed to keep braking noise to a minimum. While it lacks drilled holes, it has a center split casting design that allows air through the disc for cooling.

The Black Electro-Coating is also pretty impressive, and it can survive up to 400 hours of saltwater submersion without rusting. That design feature is the cherry atop a very well designed and very well built brake disc. It’s also relatively good value, though of course do remember that you are only buying the disc itself.