Chamberlain Garage Parking Assistant


Our penultimate item comes with a warning, which is that if you are not operating a garage door with Chamberlain door opening sensors, and then skip this product out. If you do have Chamberlain sensors however, then read on for a garage parking laser custom made for you.

Are you still here? Well if you are, then we can only assume it is because you have Chamberlain door sensors. If so, this device is designed to be mounted to the roof of the garage. Further, it is also designed to plug directly into the wiring for the door sensors. This in itself serves two purposes. First, it is how the device draws power. That’s right, no batteries here – direct power feed from the mains electricity, baby!

Secondly it is how the device is controlled. So when you activate your garage door, you also activate the device. Just as with the previous laser products, it then shines a laser beam down to a point you have already set up to correspond with the perfect parking position. Follow the light and you will reach parking Nirvana.

As we already pointed out – and wish to highlight again – this only works with Chamberlain garage door equipment! If this brand supplies your garage door sensors though then what you have here is a very well designed, bespoke garage parking laser.