Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener


Our next garage door opener model which we much admire and highly recommend is the NXG Opener from NEXX. We have seen different models of garage openers over the years, but this best garage door openers from NEXX tops the charts concerning functionality and durability. This is a superb garage door opener, designed with smart technology to make its use friendlier and less stressful for owners. It comes with a Wi-Fi operated remote control system, and also allows you to use an app to track the state of your garage door, control all functions and know the status of your order. The NEXX Garage Opener is highly compatible with Amazon Google Assistant and Alexa; thus; it takes a lot of stress of your hands.

There are several viable reasons why we love the NEXX Garage Opener. Firstly, it can be operated via tapping, a straightforward procedure that reduces your overall operation time. For easy use, you can install the Nexx app or make use of the voice recognition systems offered by Alex, Siri, or Google Assistant. If you have a guest at a time where you’re away, you can still open your gate for them thanks to the multi-user access system and the remote monitoring feature. We can guarantee your safety and that of your friends and family, whenever you make use of this system.