Champion ATV/UTV Wireless Winch Kit


The final two winches we are going to look at are all about portability and ease of use. They do sacrifice a certain amount of pulling power (though this model is able to generate a very useful 2,000 Pounds of it) to instead be small and easy to maneuver – this model even comes with a built in carry handle.

It can be permanently or temporarily mounted to either a ball-mount hitch or to any flat surface using the included mounting plate. It easily draws power from a 12 volt DC power source and comes equipped with a nice long power cable for easy hook up to batteries.

The winch is remote controlled (with a wired control and about 10 foot of cable) and it also comes with a back up hand crank attachment. It is a pretty simple design, but it is one you should certainly look at if you want an easy to use utility winch.