Chapin Deluxe Dripless ATV Spot Sprayer


Chapin’s ATV sprayer has also earned itself a spot on our list. The handy device is tailored specifically for mounting on a wide variety of vehicles – it can also be used as a tractor or UTV sprayer. The large, 15 gallon tank is made from heavy-duty, chemical resistant plastic, so you can fill it with whatever you need worry-free. The tank also features a wide five inch opening, for convenient filling and mixing.

The sprayer’s 12 volt diaphragm pump is easy to hook up to a battery with simply alligator clips, and can spray at an impressive maximum pressure of 70 PSI. This pressure allows you to spray 26 feet vertically, and 30 feet horizontally. Finally, a double filtration system helps prevent debris from getting caught up in the spraying mechanism, significantly extending its lifetime. The sprayer is boomless, but Chapin also offer a boom kit that you can install for larger area spraying.