ChargePoint Home EV Charger


Next we have another premium product, this time from ChargePoint. Again, we have a premium price poin, but also again we have a product that is both high powered and packed with premium features.

This is another Level 2 charger with an output on 32 Amps. Again, that is a power level that can see a vehicle charged up in a matter of a few hours. It is also good to see that it has compatibility across a huge range of vehicle makers. Ford, BMW, Toyota, Honda – all covered.

It has a 25-foot cable, and it is also not a hard-wired model. It is instead a plug-in charging station, so it’s easy to take with you if you move home. Built-in WiFi allows you to manage the device remotely while it has a very attractive shiny black finish.

Again, the price tag is well toward the top end of the range. But for the money, you are getting a real high-end EV charger here.