Chemical Guys ACC_S90 The Goat Boar’s Hair Detail Brush’s-hair-detail-brush.jpg


Here is another versatile brush that is good for a range of cleaning applications but slightly different from the more traditional brush from Mothers. This product from Chemical Guys looks more like a large paintbrush and employs long, relatively soft bristles. This means that it’s not really suited to scrubbing away at caked mud or dust, so don’t buy this to be your only brush to clean up your car after off road adventures!

Instead, this product is both very gentle and but also effective – but more so when utilized in smaller, more detailed cleaning tasks. So for getting into the smaller spaces on your wheels and alloys, this is perfect, it’s also great for cleaning around the wheel lug nuts. Inside the car, it’s perfect for cleaning out smaller areas that accrue dust like touch screen displays, air vents and the dashboard.

This is another high-quality, multi-purpose tool that is well worth the surprisingly low price.