Chemical Guys Heavy Metal Polish and Protectant


The name is the guarantee with this product from Chemical Guys, which is well known for producing top-end car cleaning products. This is no different, and while it carries a premium price tag, you get a nice big 16-ounce bottle, so it’s actually pretty good value.

Mild enough to use on a range of surfaces, it is strong enough to tackle blemishes all the way up to light rust, making this product one of the more powerful cleaner and polishes on this list. That ability to tackle heavy tarnishes makes it an excellent restorer too, so while this polish is great for keeping metal looking good, you can also use it on surfaces that need a little extra TLC.

It’s actually quite rare to see such a premium product form a well-respected manufacturer like Chemical Guys being sold for essentially a mid-range price, so that makes it easy to recommend this product.