Chemical Guys HOL203 Black Car Kit


From the cheapest item on the list to the most expensive, this kit clocks in at a shade under $100. So what do you get for that investment? Well, quite a lot it turns out.  The first thing to note here is that this kit is made by the highly reputable Chemical Guys. That means you know you are investing your cash into a top quality, premium product.

This kit is essentially everything you need in one box. Unlike other kits on this list however, whilst this comes with everything you need to wax your black car, it also comes with everything you need to clean your car too. This is really important, as your car must be crystal clean before you apply any wax products. It is the pieces of hard dirt or grit left behind that can cause ugly swirls and scratches to appear in the paintwork.

So this kit comes complete with superb cleaning soaps, top quality microfiber towels and applicators and waxes specially designed to make darker cars look amazing. No, it’s not cheap – but you are getting an awful lot of top quality product for your money.