Chemical Guys Moto Line Full Cycle Waterless Wash


Last but not least, Chemical Guys’ Protectant for Motorcycles is formulated to keep your bike in top working condition. The corrosion-resistant synthetic wax film protects paint, metal, and plastic from obtaining any scratches as well as preventing rusting and oxidizing. The effectiveness of this protectant does not require any harmful pressure washers; simply use a microfiber towel to wipe off any debris.

To maintain proper bike maintenance. we recommend using this formula once a week. That’s right, there’s now zero excuses for allowing your bike to remain grimy! Formulated for both motorcycles and off-road quads, get yours so your bike too can sparkle and shine.

Warning – This product does not work on Matte or Suede paint. If you want to stick with a product created by this manufacturer, Chemical Bros has a formula specifically designed for these materials.