Chemours Brand Automotive Freon R134a Refrigerant


If you’ve been looking for high-quality car AC refrigerants, you’ll want to consider Chemours Brand Automotive Freon R134a Refrigerant. This product, which was previously sold under the name DuPont Suva Freon, has long been a favorite of car owners. Made in the USA, this refrigerant is made with pure R134a gas — you don’t have to worry about it being watered down or altered with added oil or dye. 

You can use this Chemours car AC refrigerant to recharge your vehicle’s air conditioning system. It offers excellent performance, lasting reliability, and safe use. It meets both AHRI-700 and SAE J2276 purity standards, and it can be used in all different makes and models. Each canister even features a self-sealing valve for safe storage too. You’ll get enough refrigerant from these canisters to fill about three AC systems.