Chicago Pneumatic Drive Quiet Air Ratchet


For an impact ratchet to be useful, it needs to be lightweight and easy to use. To ensure this, Chicago Pneumatic has made their cordless ratchet out of aluminum. The specific type of aluminum that they have used is more often to be seen building aircraft, which indicates how strong this particular air impact ratchet is – as well as how long lasting it will be should you choose to invest in one. It works well as cordless ratchet wrench owing to the Tri Spring antislip head and its ability to deliver up to 90-foot lbs of torque.

It is also able to turn in a reverse direction so that both assembly and disassembly of DIY projects is a total breeze. What is also very attractive about this particular air ratchet is the level of noise it makes. It is considerably quieter than many of its competitors despite being able to deliver such a high level of torque and variable speeds. In total, the whole tool weighs just under three pounds and measures around 12 inches or 30 cms. Its length is great for those that need to reach slightly deeper levels than other air ratchet tools can often go. Plus, the head of the tool is covered in plastic which is great news for those that are worried about the tool being too abrasive should it knock into anything during use.