Chrome Battery Rechargeable Harley Battery


Techies will get a kick out of this one as it comes with a digital display. The Chrome Battery YTX7A-BS Motorcycle Battery is an AGM battery and comes with an intelligent chip. The much-lauded digital display makes you aware of the voltage of the battery and alternator. There’s also an alarm system, which is pretty handy when it comes to warning you of low capacity/voltage. It also has a longer lifespan than the more common SLA batteries and is capable of being recharged on multiple occasions. Its ability to handle heavy vibrations, which come thanks to the tough bridge welding, makes the Chrome battery ideal for some of the faster Harleys out there. It’s a hassle-free battery that comes just about ready to go, and there is no need for any water checks. What’s more, it is also maintenance-free, which reduces your worries when it comes to using it. With its many impressive features, the Chrome battery is the quintessential Harley battery.