Classic Accessories OverDrive PermaPRO Cover


If you happen to own a classic R-Pod design of travel trailer then we have a treat for you here! If of course, you don’t own an R-Pod style trailer this is less of a treat – in fact, you can probably skip this entry.

Still here? Well, we guess that means you have an R-Pod trailer, so congratulations. What you have here is a Classic Accessories cover for your specific style of trailer. That means you are getting all of the advantages of a high-quality cover from this manufacturer as we’ve talked about above. The tough but protective material, the fitted installation, and the secure fit – you’re getting everything.

You are also getting it for a low, low price because of the relatively small size. For that reason, this pretty much is the best travel trailer cover (at least for an R-Pod style trailer) that can be yours for barely a hundred bucks.

That is frankly phenomenal value for such a quality product.