CLC 125M Flex Grip Work Gloves


We’re kicking off our list with these gloves from CLC which are packed with useful features. First off the main construction material is of synthetic leather. This means they are bringing a number of the features of leather work gloves – toughness mixed with a high degree of dexterity – whilst also being moisture resistant, which is one of the big drawbacks for leather as a work glove material.

Speaking of dexterity, this is further enhanced by the provision of Lycra panels in the glove sides. This helps them stretch a bit more, providing a close but comfortable fit. The gloves are held in place by safe and secure wrist straps.

The gloves also have a decent level of internal padding. This helps to make them a good option if you are on the lookout for a pair of cold weather work gloves. They may be a little too thick for very fiddly jobs like changing out fuses or LEDS, but all in all these are very good quality work gloves.