CLC Custom Leathercraft 124X Workright Work Gloves


CLC Custom Leathercraft is a manufacturer who we’ve seen on quite a few lists here at Car Bibles. They have a reputation for producing top quality leatherwear items, though here they have chosen to work with synthetic leather with this model.

So the body of the gloves are synthetic leather, so they are both tough but also, unlike real leather, shrink resistant. That makes them easier to clean too, as well as being resistant to water damage. They are also very tough, with the leather present at all parts of the design considered high abrasion – so the fingers and the palms. That protects you but also makes for a glove that should be a little longer lasting.

They are also another design that includes Lycra and spandex panels along the sides. Again, this allows the gloves to stretch to meet your hand movements better, making for a design that is more dexterous. There is very limited padding inside, so whilst it provides good protection from abrasion, it does not guard against impacts very well. All in all, it’s a bit of lightweight heavy duty work glove, kind of a halfway design.