Cobra 2500 Watt Professional Power Inverter


Finally, we have the king of car power inverters. If we’re going to talk about this product, the first thing we have to do is take note of its output, which is 2,500 watts of power.

All that power runs through three AC Outlets (and one USB), so you can run three appliance-size electrical goods as well as charge an electrical device at the same time. If you want the power to set up a home away from home, then this could be the inverter for you.

All that power is protected behind five stages of safety features, protecting against high and low voltage shutdowns, temperature spikes, and pretty much anything that could go wrong.

The easy-to-read screen provides useful read-out information on the current power, making it easy to monitor battery usage and drain levels.

This is not a cheap model. In fact, with its somewhat costly price tag it is by far the most expensive. However, for that money it is going to deliver a very high level of power, and it’s going to deliver it safely.