Cobra XRS9370 Performance Radar Detector


This model from Cobra certainly has price on its side! It is the second cheapest product on this list, so you don’t get all the bells and whistles that come with premium models, such as direction indicators. Whether you want to know if the cop with the Radar gun is behind or in front – only you will know if that extra knowledge is worth splashing out on a premium model for.

In use, this device is pretty small, tipping the scales at under 5 ounces. That means it’s nice and easy to mount on most dash or windscreens without being obtrusive. It is calibrated to detect all the standard Radar wavelengths employed by the police; it is also rated to detect laser speed detectors. That may be asking a little much for such a low price – and if it does detect a laser you will probably crash anyway, as the laser detection noise is the most terrifying, high pitched screech!

As with anything you get what you pay for – this is pretty cheap, and it will do a pretty good job. Just don’t expect miracles for a double-digit price tag.