Coleman Sundome Tent


On any camping gear list you will find a multitool, because they are just such a useful item to have before you head off car camping. This item from IUNIO is the multitool on our list. It’s taken this position because it is very well designed and constructed, as well as being able to fulfill just so many roles.

It’s a shovel, it’s a hoe and it’s a pickaxe. It’s also an ice ax, a fish scaler, a whistle, a flint for fire-starting — heck, it even has a bottle opener so you can crack open a cold bottle of beer after lighting a fire and cooking your scale-less fish.  What is also great to see is that high carbon steel has been employed in the construction. This makes for a tool that is durable and very tough.

As a piece of camping gear, we also know this tool needs to be compact and easy to store. It’s a great design feature therefore to see that the multitool handle is made of several interlocking pieces. This allows the tools to be stored in several short lengths.