Conquer Aerodynamic Vented Auto Racing Helmet


Our last product reviewed today is one of our personal favorites. Conquer’s Rally Racing Helmet is for a racer that knows they’re the bee’s knees. Its fiberglass shell construction will keep the helmet lightweight, reducing neck strain and overall fatigue while rally racing. Plus, like all rally racing helmets should be, it’s Snell SA2015 Approved.

Conquer realizes that drivers don’t want an obtrusive sticker in their peripheral vision. Instead, the company ensures its brand sticker remains snugly inside their helmet. One of our favorite features is the sweet optimal sun visor that can be removed whenever you please. The only trouble you’ll have with this helmet is choosing what shade to go for — Matte Black or Gloss White! Acceptable at all SSCA sanctioned events, this helmet will get you into track days without any problems for half the price.