Conquer Snell Approved Open Face Racing Helmet

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If there’s a helmet that’s safe, sturdy, and trustworthy, it’s the Conquer Snell Approved Open Face Racing Helmet. An excellent choice for any driver who prefers an open-face helmet, this tough and reliable car racing helmet is a fantastic overall product. Made with a lightweight fiberglass shell, it’s comfortable to wear and prioritizes safety above all else. This Conquer racing helmet is padded with fire retardant material that helps cushion your head. Removable cheek pads ensure you can increase or decrease your comfort to your personal preferences. Worried about getting warm? This helmet has airflow venting that’ll allow air to flow freely. A Kevlar chin strap secures it all in place.

One of the biggest — and most important — details of this Conquer open face racing helmet is that it’s Snell approved. It’s Snell SA2015 certified, which means it meets Snell’s demanding safety standards to ensure you’re wearing one of the most protective pieces of headgear. Because of this, no matter what level you’re racing or competing at, you’ll know you’re prepared and protected. 

Key Features

  • Lightweight fiberglass shell

  • Comfortable fire retardant padding inside the helmet

  • Snell SA2015 certified for safety

  • HANS threaded inserts are present in the helmet shell

  • Cheek pads are removable


  • Brand


  • Model


  • Weight

    1 pound


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Drivers who want full coverage from their helmets will love the Conquer Carbon Fiber Full Face Auto Racing Helmet. This car racing helmet is lightweight, yet it offers complete coverage and complete padding to ensure it fits comfortably. The helmet is constructed out of carbon fiber composite, giving it a hard outer shell with sleek styling. Underneath, a padded interior is constructed from fire retardant material for added safety. A series of airflow vents are also included throughout the helmet to ensure you stay cool and breathable while you race. Lastly, a three-millimeter anti-scratch, flame-resistant shield is complete with a tear-off post.

In addition to looking cool, this Conquer full-face car racing helmet is also very safe. It’s Snell SA2015 certified, and it includes HANS threaded inserts in the shell. Snell safety standards are very demanding, so you can confidently trust that this car racing helmet is properly regulated to keep you safe out on the track.