Conquer Snell SA2015 Approved Full Face Auto Racing Helmet


If you’re looking for an affordable but reliable motorcycle helmet, we need to introduce you to the Fuel Helmets, and in particular, this SH-FF0016 Full Face model. Super-safe, comfy and convenient, this helmet may be basic but it has everything most bikers need – at a really, really affordable price.

The shell of the Fuel Helmet SH-FF0016 is made from lightweight thermoplastic material and the paint is UV clear-coated. There is a closable chin and forehead vent, as well as a snap that allows you to keep any excess strap away from your face. A dual vented diffuser (front and rear) is also present, which allows maximum airflow and coolness during hot temperatures. The inner cheek pads are comfy and removable, meaning you can easily clean them when necessary.

As for the visor, it’s there and it’s also removable, however, it’s not fog-resistant. There is no electronics present here – this is a simple, basic helmet, perfect for bikers who want a no-nonsense head protection.