Contigo Vaccuum Insulated Travel Mug


The first travel mug under review is from the famous Contigo brand. This is a company with global acclaim for being the leading manufacturer of containers and storage areas. Contigo launched their Contigo Autoseal Travel Mug in a bid to encourage everyone to enjoy their coffee while on the move. They designed the mug in a manner which allows you to have a steaming cup of coffee hours after your brew was made. This tumbler is made with the patented Autoseal technology that makes the flask spill and leak proof.

The Contigo flask uses the Thermalock vacuum system to retain the needed heat, and it has a button which encourages one-handed drinking. Cleaning is effortless via the products to secure clean lid. This travel mug is available in a wide range of sizes and colours to appeal to the different coffee drinkers across the globe. We will recommend this product for travelers, commuters, and even urban explorers who are always moving from one point to the other.