Continental Motion Tire Set


Well, how about that, after just meeting Shinko they are back again with another entry. This is the 712 rear tire, so it compliments the 712 front tire we just looked at above. 

Speaking of the 712 front tires, everything we said about it also holds for the 712 rear. So once again you have a good quality but entry-level tire here. It has excellent grip etching to match the front tire, it has the same 4-ply carcass construction and is H rated for safe use at speeds up to 130 MPH. That’s about it really. If you liked the looks and features of the front 712 then we imagine you’ll be happy to see there is a rear version to match.

This is still a great value tire, with the price of round 75 bucks reflecting the natural fact that rear tires are always bigger and heavier than front ones. You could say that it would have been nice if both tires were bundled into a set by Shinko, and that probably would have saved a little extra cash. But even when buying them separately like this they still represent excellent value for money.