Cooper Grand Touring Radial Tire


We like to recommend products with a good reputation, and these tires are very popular with the drivers who have tested them. Cooper has tested its products on real-life roads and has engineered its products to respond to real-life situations. The tires have been designed to fit most modern passenger vehicles and SUVs and are suitable for the Honda Accord. The tire is manufactured from a new generation of silica compound that provides exceptional all-season performance as well as improves braking and lowers rolling resistance. There is an asymmetric tread pattern on the tire that has been designed to reduce irregular wear by allowing the tires to rotate from one side of the car to the other. Another feature that we like is the 3D micro-gauge grooves that have been created to allow the tread elements of the tire to interlock and stabilize the tread. All in all, these are good solid tires that will work perfectly with a Honda Accord.