Corroseal Rust Converting Metal Primer


Why remove rust when you can convert it with ease? No product is as effective as the Corroseal Rust Converter and Metal Primer. The Corroseal brand is responsible for the creation of elite, industrial strength products that can be used comfortably in several professional fields, from automotive to marine and even within the household. The Corroseal rust converter help extend the lifespan of all your metal equipment by keeping both corrosion and rust at bay. This formula works by converting the existing rust to an inert state where it can no longer spread. It doubles as a surface primer that can be painted upon depending on your needs and desires.

The Corroseal metal primer and rust converter is extraordinarily affordable and requires less time for its application. It is also made from substances that are economically friendly which aren’t toxic to humans and the environment. It is a water-based formula available in a variety of sizes to meet your required tasks. One gallon of the Corroseal can cover up to 200 sq feet of any surface its applied on. It eliminates one’s need to sandblast rust and instead, converts the rust to prevent further damage. It is the best and only one-step corrosion control you will ever need. This rust converter and latex metal primer are well suited for your home and offices, and even marine locations. It features a cheap rate which can be afforded by several individuals and institutions.