Covercraft DashMat Original Dashboard Cover Dodge Ram


The original DashMat by Covercraft has been around since 1979 for a good reason – it’s durable, protective, good-looking and budget-friendly. This car dashboard cover is custom-patterned for a perfect fit so it’s easy to set it up to blend in nicely with your existing dash configuration. Most importantly, it protects against sun damage, plus it easily covers imperfections and even minor cracks and holes in older dashboards.

This type of a dashmat keeps the interior of a vehicle cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, so it’s ideal for those living in more extreme weather areas. As for the installation, it’s pretty easy since the cover comes with all the Velcro strips you need. Best of all? There are 11 color options, from black to gray to navy to beige, so it’s easy to find the carpet cover that complements the interior of your car. Also, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.