CPS Vacuum Gauge with Digital LCD Display


From the moment you turn on CPS’s Vacuum Gauge, their five-digit Digital LCD Display is a tell-tale sign that their product is as reliable as one can get. CPS’s model is calibrated to meet diligent NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) standards, so you’ll receive the most accurate reading possible. What’s more, this reading can be delivered in microns, torr, in/hg, or mBar – whatever unit of measurement you’re most comfortable using.

The field cleanable sensor can withstand up to 400 PSI of positive pressure with a burst pressure of 3000 PSIG. Manufactured in the USA, CPS’s vacuum gauge is of the highest quality possible – all you need to do to maintain its longevity is keep it snugly inside its compact case and clean it well from time to time. Just remember to isolate this vacuum gauge with a core removal value and you’ll be leak-free for years to come.