Craftsman Advanced Timing Light


When checking of the ignition of a car, having an efficient timing light is crucial, which is why the Craftsman Advanced Timing light is included in our list. This tool helps you adjust your engine’s ignition time to the manufacturer’s specification or your custom preferences with ease by illuminating the timing marks.

Centrifugal, computer advance and vacuum advance can all be measured using this single device thanks to the inclusion of an adjustable knob. Use of the craftsman timing light is made more enjoyable and convenient in any weather or lighting condition through the installation of a super bright xenon light. This light is placed on the advanced engine timing limit and enables you to check your timing under any lighting condition.

The metal inductive pickup of the Craftsman advanced timing light allows for a reliable connection without the risk of heat damage, while its durable plastic body and dial have been carefully crafted to last for years. Use a single, simple touch interface to power and control your vehicle’s ignition system, and enjoy the benefits of this high-performing timing light for years  without the need for constant maintenance.