Crash Tag Team Racing – PlayStation 2


The Crash Bandicoot series has a hilarious addition to its collection of games, the Crash Tag Team Racing. Featuring a mixture of RPG, action and of course, racing, this game comes along with an insane plot, goofy characters and many secrets that will increase your thirst for adventure and encourage you to discover every nook and cranny in their worlds. You can buy items such as vehicle upgrades and outfits by getting every Power Crystal and coin made available to you. There are also Die-O-Ramas that must be searched for in their many equally hilarious mini-games.

In this game, a new clashing technology has been introduced; whereby in the event of two vehicles crashing, they merge to create a supercar equipped with a powerful turret gun. Players are given the option of firing an onboard weapon or getting behind the wheel to drive after a clash. Outside the car, players can still explore the many worlds on foot while they unlock bonus tracks by collecting upgrades for their vehicles.