Crenova Digital Multimeter


This is the cheapest item on the list. Lets get that out the way right at the top. You will get change from 10 bucks and that is crazy good value. Do you know what else? This isn’t a bad multimeter either.

No, you will not be getting all of the bells and whistles that will be present on premium models. You will however get auto-ranging. Yep, auto-ranging, for 10 bucks. You will also get a device with a very simple to use interface, and a nice bright LCD screen. It can measure voltage and current across both AC and DC systems. It can also measure current and resistance.

And that’s about it, we have noting to add! Yes, on the one hand it is a very cheap model and it is very basic and it will probably need to be calibrated and it may not be the most absolutely accurate multimeter on the market.

But it costs 10 bucks! If you want bells and whistles and accuracy dig a little deeper into your wallet. If you want something that will probably get the job done in 9 cases out of 10 and costs the same as a pizza, take a look at this.