Cumart Rear Cargo Trunk Liner


The only company that delivers excellent service through their products is Cumart. This is a brand that speaks truth through their products. They understand the different types of vehicles and design accordingly to ensure a custom fit with every car model. Their Cumart Rear Cargo Trunk Liner comes as one of the best trunk liners in the world today. It is a waterproof item designed with the best materials for excellent performance at all times.

This cargo liner works well with jeep Cherokee models, made between 2014 and 2018. Its design has been so well done; it helps protect your vehicle against scratches at your rear area. Using this unit will also help you keep the interior of your car clean and tidy without much effort. The trunk mat is made from a high-rise thermoplastic olefin material, which is flame retardant, high density and wears resistant. Such a choice of plastic is perfect for a cargo liner since it delivers excellent capacity and durability.