CURT 13068 Class 3 Trailer Hitch


CURT is back with another entry on this list, which, since it is such a popular hitch manufacturer shouldn’t come as a huge shock. Now, there is one big Pro point to CURT, which is also a big negative for us here at Car Bibles. Let us explain.

So the good thing abut CURT is not just that they construct high-end products. It’s not just they use laser cut welds across their entire range for ultimate precision. It’s not the fact that each model is designed for specific vehicle types, making installation quicker and easier. It’s also not that high gloss black powder finish, which both looks great and also provides excellent protection against corrosion and rust. The big pro is that every model of CURT Trailer hitch has these same features. So if the product we looked at earlier is not compatible with your vehicle, see if this one is instead – and if it is, you know you’ll get the same great features in this model as you would in another one.

So what’s the negative for us? It’s kind of hard to write a second review for a nearly identical product and still manage to make the right word count. But look at that, we pulled it off.