CURT 45036 Loaded Ball Mount


If you are thinking of investing in a CURT trailer hitch then this could be a very useful purchase. CURT is a good manufacturer of hitch bars, and it’s not too shabby when it comes to ball mounts too.

First, this product simply looks great with an understated design that is not as flashy as some others on the market. Behind that appearance there is, as you may have guessed, a ball mount with very solid construction. We have a matte black powder finish for protection from corrosion and rust. We also have a robot welded (yes, robot welded!) hollow shank. That means it fits like a dream, especially into CURT trailer hitch receivers.

It should be noted this is a simpler design, so there is no vertical mechanism for movement. Instead, it is the position of the mount in the receiver that changes this, meaning you only get a two-inch drop. Still, it’s a very sturdy, very well-constructed product with a good price point.