CURT TriFlex Brake Control


Our next model of brake controller comes from CURT, and it is a pretty interesting little design. It’s big stand out is the fact it boasts a built in Triple-axis, motion-sensing Accelerometer. Now, an Accelerometer may sounds like the coolest ride at a carnival, but it is also a very handy little gadget to have in your car or truck. 

This built in device measures the acceleration – or deceleration – the controller undergoes inside the vehicle, adjusting the trailer brakes to match. What’s more, as a triple-axis installation it can also tell the pitch that the box is currently at. Why is this important you ask? Because it means the box can tell if the trailer is being hauled up a hill, and when it is coming down the other side. It can the adjust brake power accordingly. If you tow through hilly terrain then this bespoke braking adjustment could be very appealing indeed. 

There are nine levels of braking sensitivity you can adjust to, meaning this is not really a true proportional braking control. It does deliver a lot of interesting features though and for a price tag considerably lower than many full proportional braking control systems.