Custom LeatherCraft 2 Pack Tote Bag Set


So far the items on this list have been of pretty specialized nature. Whether dedicated tool bags with big pockets, or electrician tool bag style designs with lots and lots of little ones, every bag is clearly made to hold and carry tools.

But what if you want something a little different? What if you want a non-specialized bag, something without 10,000 pockets? If you want a simple bag then take a look at this offering from Custom LeatherCraft – frankly, you will struggle to find a more straightforward design anywhere.

That’s not to say it’s missing out on any useful features of course. For one thing, these are tough bags all right, with reinforced bottoms to take the weight of packing a full tool selection. The handles are also of a durable, weave style construction that again should be able to stand up to the rigors of hauling tools.

All in then a very simple but very effective design for a very attractive low price. Oh, and it’s a two pack as well, with one large and one medium sized bag combining to provide a product with simply phenomenal good value for money.