Custom LeatherCraft Multi-Compartment Tool Bag


If you have a big toolset that you need to find a home for, you should certainly take a look at this monster bag from Custom LeatherCraft. It has no less than 50 – yes 50 – individual pockets and pouches ensuring that you should be able to find a home for every tool in even an extremely comprehensive tool collection.

But do you know what, it’s not just the amount of pockets – it’s how they have been designed to fit into the bag that’s truly impressive? The side panels are zipper closed, and when you open them up you will find all the pockets inside mounted with vertical openings. That is a really neat feature that makes it easy to organize your tools, and also to know that anyone is always within easy reach.

This tool bag also a nice big central storage space that can handle the larger tools like hammers, spanners and even power tools. The whole bag has a very tough and sturdy construction too. With a price tag of around 60 bucks, this is certainly toward the more expensive end of the market – but it certainly has the design and construction to justify it.