D.B. Smith Field King Max 190348 Backpack Sprayer


No matter how experienced you are, working with chemicals always comes with some element of risk. Spillages, leaks and contact with skin are all concerns to be aware of. Of course, unless you’re a dandelion, a weed killer isn’t going to do too much damage to a human’s skin, but it is an irritant, and you do not want it on your skin. If you are using other corrosive chemicals, you’ll want to take even more caution.

The Field King Max 190348 Backpack Sprayer boasts an internal no leak pump design, making it much safer than other knapsack sprayers on the market. This innovative design ensures no dangerous chemicals will drip onto skin and will keep your work simple and risk free.

There’s no need for tools when changing seals, an easy access pump means that they can be swapped in minutes. The pump sprayer also includes four additional nozzles: two flat fans, one brass adjustable and one foaming nozzle, and it also accepts TeeJet nozzles. It features a 21 inches stainless steel wand with Viton seals which are great at resisting strong chemicals.