Darby Industries Truck Bed Extender


No doubt, every truck owner should own a truck bed extender as it’s definitely a must-have for transporting heavy cargo items and the likes. To own one of the top extenders on the market, just on the Darby bandwagon. The Darby firm is already well known for their exceptional, functional and durable products and the Darby Industries 944 Extend-A-Truck is no different. It is not only one of the best truck bed extenders, it is also a versatile tool that is used to secure items above or behind the vehicle.

Business owners who constantly need to transport basic cargo items or farm produce will find this item very useful. It has an adjustable height for rooftop hauling which enhances its versatility. There’s also a 4-inch wide support to ensure the cargo stays in place. The pickup bed extender also comes with a red flag to promote and ensure road safety and there are included pins and clips that enhance its stability; you can also use a rock but that would have to be purchased separately.