DashSkin Ebony Molded Dash Cover


If your 07-14 GM truck dashboard is in need of some serious fixing or maybe needs to be replaced, don’t throw it away just yet. Instead, give the DashSkin molded dash cover a try – this molded plastic dash cover installs right over your existing dash configuration, protecting it while making your entire vehicle interior look and feel like new. This cover works great even if large pieces of your dashboard are missing, so as long as there is enough left on the edges of the configuration to support the cover, you’ll be good.

Made of rigid plastic and vacuum-molded specifically to your vehicle’s dashboard, this cover blends with your existing interior seamlessly. It also helps it comes in four different colors, including black, cashmere, cocoa and dark titanium, so it’s not hard to pick the product that fits right in. Of course, the product does a great job at protect the dash from UV rays, fading, chipping and cracking, so it’s a solid cover all-around. The installation takes less than 30 minutes and the cover comes with the silicone tube.